Pererenan Surfing Club Grommet Contest 2011

Pererenan Surfing Club Grommet Contest 2011 was held on December 25th, 2011 to be:

1st place Winner, 2nd place Winner, 3rd place Winner, 4th place Winner and Tag Team Winner

for Monthly Scholarship Price

Attended by both young local and ‘bule’ teenage groomets


About Esi

I live by the beach, counted as one of my achievement of millions dreams I have. Fall in love with Bali, my so-called 'my happy place'. Padi Licensed Diver, try (but keep failing) on Yoga, running on the beach during sunset, and now learning for not getting juiced by the wave on my yellow boogie board. To Life is human, to TRAVEL is Live. Visited 4 continents, 13 countries, and 28 cities outside Indonesia so far. And found out that Indonesia has the purest beauty, so I am now nestling down on the Island made when God was smiling.
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