Building SURF NEST

Welcome to half of soul.

Being grew up in the family who love to travel, working in company that gave so much opportunities to see many different places, and having friends who share same addiction on adventures, make me a very picky traveler as I love to travel but only have limited time (most company in Indonesia only have 15 days of annual leave) and limited budget (Indonesian rupiah as salary compare to other country’s currency) lead me always maximize every travel opportunities. And I found the idea of a Hostel is suits me. Where traveler can interact with both locals and other traveler that enable us to share accurate information about the place or other places, local habbits or culture, insider tips, or just talking about non sense. Since then always dream of having a Hostel by the beach.

Now with all my pleasure, you may live under my ‘dream’ and share me your thought of it….

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The Surfer’s HUT

Communal area are TV, dining room, kitchenete


About Esi

I live by the beach, counted as one of my achievement of millions dreams I have. Fall in love with Bali, my so-called 'my happy place'. Padi Licensed Diver, try (but keep failing) on Yoga, running on the beach during sunset, and now learning for not getting juiced by the wave on my yellow boogie board. To Life is human, to TRAVEL is Live. Visited 4 continents, 13 countries, and 28 cities outside Indonesia so far. And found out that Indonesia has the purest beauty, so I am now nestling down on the Island made when God was smiling.
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