Had an awesome 3 weeks here

“I stayed here for 3 weeks Feb/March 2014. The dorm rooms are cosy, and feels very much like living half outside with fresh air blowing in, the upstairs dorm room is all wooden and bamboo style which i really liked, instead of staying in a concrete hotel, you feel more connected to nature.
There are fridge’s for keeping food and drinks, flame cooking hobs, free bottled water & tea/coffee, hot shower, outside shower, A few toilets, TV with USB connect for watching movies, WIFI internet, Metalic Fan”s if you need to cool, Bedside table that locks safe with your own key, reading lamp. Etc Etc all your basic needs, plus plenty of room for my surfboard, 1 suitcase, and 2 backpack’s… There is a cleaner who comes daily, he takes care of everything, but even without him, eeverybody was clean and cleaned there own dish’s after using.

The travellers who were already staying at the homestay (i think 8 max?) were super friendly, and chill, most there surfing. every few days we would do something fun together like BBQ, or head out for a couple of after surf beers or dinner. Canggu is a chill place, surounding area is very green, lot’s of rice fields, the locals say hello and nod there head like they enjoy you being there.. I cannot recomend enough the local warung (indonesian) food it is amazing, and healthy if you eat, greens, rice, chicken, etc.. Theres a small shops/supermarkets that sell essentials very close. or a much larger supermarket if you travel 10-15mins by scooter.

Surfing Canngu: 2minute’s from the homestay, are 4 or 5 quality surf break’s, reef and sand. I enjoyed waking up early at 5.30am with the guys staying there, and all heading down to the surf together. then we would come back to the homestay a few hours later, eat dinner, recharged, and an hour later we would be back in the surf…. Within 10mins by scooter, the area had lot’s more surf breaks.

There is a swimming at the end of the road, 2nd floor of the restraunt overlooking the beach. its free to use, you just may have to purchase a beer or soft drink, the food is really good also, but pricey compared to warung food. And there is a GYM close by in Batabalong, with aircon, it cost’s 5,000rph to use.

Enjoyed my time here allot, so i would recommend it for sure. I will definatly return here again, and next time i would like to try the other islands of indonesia too as part of the next trip :)”

Kurt, stayed in dorm Feb-Mar 2014
Guest review in Tripadvisor


About Esi

I live by the beach, counted as one of my achievement of millions dreams I have. Fall in love with Bali, my so-called 'my happy place'. Padi Licensed Diver, try (but keep failing) on Yoga, running on the beach during sunset, and now learning for not getting juiced by the wave on my yellow boogie board. To Life is human, to TRAVEL is Live. Visited 4 continents, 13 countries, and 28 cities outside Indonesia so far. And found out that Indonesia has the purest beauty, so I am now nestling down on the Island made when God was smiling.
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