How to Get There


Google Maps

Jalan Pantai Pereranan, gang VIP Villa Indah Pragina no 1
200 meter on the left side of the street before Pererenan beach, Canggu – Bali, Indonesia

Google Map: eHomestay Pererenan


Click here if you need Google Map “Line Up Restaurant” for traveling by car, motorbike, or to handed to taxi driver.

Pick up service:

The most convenient and safe is by using our pick up service to avoid taxi scam in airport.
We are in corporate with local young surfers, for them to stay in positive way of life, to provide pick up from airport or other place with additional charge.
There will be no additional surcharge if you bring surf boards or big luggage.

by Taxi (no surf boards /no big luggage and becarefull of taxi scam):

  1. After baggage claim on airport, turn right after exit door on international terminal (turn left on domestic terminal) and look for the TAXI counter
  2. Ask for taxi to ‘Canggu: Jalan Pantai Pererenan’
  3. Give our full address to the taxi driver
  4. It will take around 1 hour depends on traffic