Extra Facilities by Request

  •  motorbike rent baliMotorbike Rp 50.000 per day, car rent (with or with out driver), or bicycle rent Rp 30.000 per day. Bali Eclectic Info for more info


  • Pick-up service from airport (Rp 230.000 with your surfboard), Drop-in to airport (Rp 180.000)
  • hotel canggu only surfer knows the feelingSurf board rent Rp 50.000 per day (limited size), cheaper for long term. Bodyboard also available.




  • Surf guide
  • Surf lesson for beginner/intermediate Rp 350.000 per 2 hours (include long board rent)



Some of facilities above are also part of our Community & Social Responsibility to support local young surfers so they have things to do and far from drugs and violence. By using them you are also participating. E-Homestay also brought small contribution to some of local surfing competitions

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