…have to be some of the kindest people I’ve met on the trip

bali homestay“I moved into the Bali homestay on September 10th, and as of today I have now moved on, although still on the island of Bali. The last month has been an amazing experience, I’ve lived in a village called Canggu and really got the chance to get involved with the locals and their way of life. The mix of people staying in the homestay has changed every so often over the month but there was a core 5 of myself, Pete, Henrik the Norwegian, Luke the German and Martin the Englishman.

We soon fell into the relaxed Balinese routine; sunrise surf sessions, nasi campur in our local warung (a family run indonesian restaurant), sunset beers at the beach with the locals, games of uno in the evenings and lazy days in our wood house watching dvd’s. The homestay is owned by two extremely friendly locals, Esi and Made, and along with the rest of the locals, they have to be some of the kindest people I’ve met on the trip. They could have just left us to our own devices like most B&B’s/hotels/homestays but instead they quite happily let us get involved in their lives. When Made’s son turned 7, we were all invited along to Canggu’s finest pizza restaurant for an amazing feast…”

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Bali Homestay

A very nice to read travel foot of our guest. Will make you want to travel the world more.

By Ryan, spend more than a month in eHomestay Wood Hut with his travel mate, Peter.


About Esi

I live by the beach, counted as one of my achievement of millions dreams I have. Fall in love with Bali, my so-called 'my happy place'. Padi Licensed Diver, try (but keep failing) on Yoga, running on the beach during sunset, and now learning for not getting juiced by the wave on my yellow boogie board. To Life is human, to TRAVEL is Live. Visited 4 continents, 13 countries, and 28 cities outside Indonesia so far. And found out that Indonesia has the purest beauty, so I am now nestling down on the Island made when God was smiling.
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